Add Class To The School Yard

These canopies are not to be confused with something one might find in the kitchen but are instead a cover beneath which children in a playground whether nursery, infant or older children are protected from the elements.

Regulations insist that all young children get to spend some part of the day out of the classroom and in the fresh air.

Unfortunately in the United Kingdom it seems to rain pretty well every other day and so the play area has to be at least partially covered. On rare hot days with a strong midday sun it may also be necessary for the roof to be of a glass or polycarbonate that gives some protection from ultra violet rays.

Making school canopies for outside play areas is a speciality of one or two long established companies and the more experience they have the better they understand individual requirements. No two play areas will be the same and a site visit is always the first step to a good finished product.

Health and safety is the most important consideration and for this reason quality aluminium is the usual frame of these structures.

Safety glass or other clear Perspex is also used and once the design is complete on paper or on the computer screen the only other consideration is the colour.

Modern paints have come a long way since the choices of black and white or battleship grey for metal structures.

Today there is no reason why the structure cannot be any one of the many hundreds of colours and hues depicted on the internationally recognised RAL colour spread.

Powder coated to give the metal a softer look and finish all school canopies can take on a highly individual look and become an attractive addition to the outside of any main school building.

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