Tudor School With Covered Way

Surfing the net provides hours of never ending fun as well as being simply informative and even educational.

Some sites claim to provide definitive information but all should be treated with a little bit of suspicion.

Just searching for the oldest school uniform leads one to a school in England at which pupils wear the same uniform that was worn at the time of its foundation in the middle of the sixteenth century. This was known as the Tudor time and included the reign of that most famous of Tudor’s Henry V111.

The school like many other all boy boarding schools was run for centuries on almost barbaric traditions. Famous old boys include Samuel Taylor Coleridge and for a boy of his sensitivity it must have been hell.
He did indeed write about the misery he suffered there but in the long term this not only led to his love of some dodgy illicit substance abuse but ultimately to the drug induced poems about mad mariners and lost cities of the East.

At such a school there were no school canopies to protect the boys from the rain as there probably are today. Boys were bought up tough and like many other English boarding schools eventually produced the sort of man who could run an Empire as well as relax in a goal.

It is often said that ex-public schoolboys in the United Kingdom find prison no bother at all as the difference between school and prison is negligible.

Today children are possibly too mollycoddled and although outside playtime at junior schools is compulsory there is no more running around trying to keep out of the rain. Instead canopies protect them from rain and hot sun.

None of these children will grow up toughened like the boys from the old public school system used to be.

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