Rain Free Underground Or Overland

In an earlier blog mention was made of a school in England with the world’s oldest school uniform. Shelters from the rain are only a recent addition to this ancient establishment although there was another crafty way of getting about without getting rained upon.

The school is also the wealthiest in the country as well as being by far the largest in actual area as it owns many hundreds of prime West Sussex acres.

Between the dormitory houses and the school blocks of classrooms runs about a mile of an underground passageway known as the tube.
This tube is primarily meant to carry all the heating pipes and other water along with electricity but is large enough for two or three people to walk abreast.

The school has a tradition of marching to Dining Hall at breakfast, luncheon and teatime but when it rains hard the boys and girls are allowed to walk along the tube.

Such accidental luxuries do not apply to many other schools and other ways above ground have to be found to protect pupils from the elements. Walkways that are covered are useful between school buildings but do not help when the bell rings for compulsory outdoor play.

For this reason many schools have erected school canopies which are usually best placed with one side against the main school building and kept open on all other three sides to allow plenty of fresh air to circulate.

These structures can look attractive with the right design, colour and professional erection. Any colour under the rainbow and more can be applied to these aluminium powder coated canopies and with close working with the manufacturer they are often a fine addition to the schools appearance.

Toughened safety glass or UV stable polycarbonate ensures not only rain is kept away but harmful hot summer sunrays are also reflected away.

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